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The Line

With Thanksgiving just a day away it really makes me ponder and reflect on this past year, the years before, and the years to come. Everything that is important to me and everything that has some place near and dear to my heart are the real reasons we have holidays like Thanksgiving (and Christmas). But as most can see, the true meanings behind the holidays is money. Corporate America has invaded the minds of millions, each and every year pushing their crappy products down our throats earlier and earlier. Hell, it’s so bad that Black Friday is no more. Sales start on thanksgiving now - the day in which people are supposed to spend time with friends and family.

Tell me, is that TV you camped out for three days really worth missing out on family? Family will be there for you. That TV will, if you’re lucky, stick around for 3-5 years. It won’t hug you, greet you, comfort you when you’re not feeling good or make you your favorite snack. As much as I love gadgets, it’s still something that is easily replaced and in essence, irrelevant at these times. Priorities, people.

The site of people camping out days in advance of Black Friday are disgusting, saddening, maddening and more. While some would compare it to camping out for the latest consumer electronic (such as an iPhone) I’d disagree. Random acts throughout the year may be held to a high level of absurdity. And that’s fine. But it’s just one day; a normal, mundane day that won’t be remembered a week later. Something as significant as Thanksgiving, though, is something deserves more.

With each new Black Friday ad that airs I’m continually growing more and more disgusted with humanity. The masses might be ok with it and even buy into it. But I won’t.

This Black Friday I’ll be in the best, most rewarding line - the one waiting to get my plate full of leftovers at the table surrounded by family.

Instagram Blog: Announcing Instagram Profiles on the Web!


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Crazy. Video from flooded subway tunnels in NYC

I lol’d for real.
(For the record, I’m a huge Apple/iPhone fan)

I lol’d for real.

(For the record, I’m a huge Apple/iPhone fan)

"Just Feels Right"

I agree with Gruber. The overal design of the original iPhone which featured an aluminum back was 1) the best looking iPhone as well as 2) the best feeling in hand. I’ve long said that I’d love to have an original iPhone body with the display and innards of the latest iPhone crammed inside. While the iPhone 5 still features glass bits at the top and bottoms of the back, the large majority returns to aluminum. And because of it, the phone looks better and (according to Gruber since I haven’t held one yet) feels better, too. 

I only hope his gut feeling, that for the foreseeable future Apple uses aluminum for the back, comes true. It’s truly the best material in this case.

I’ve missed the metal back of the original iPhone ever since I upgraded to the 3G in 2008, and it’s good to have it back. My instant gut feeling is that the iPhone will remain metal-backed for the foreseeable future. The plastic of the 3G/3GS was, I’m certain, a tradeoff for engineering and perhaps cost purposes that no one at Apple was ever satisfied by. The glass of the 4/4S feels great, but it’s fragile and, compared to aluminum, heavy. The 5 looks taller but feels smaller in hand, because of how much thinner it is than the 4/4S.

(Source: daringfireball.net)

Obama vs Kim Jong-Il and Ahmadinejad: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Skeevy Cantanadian...

Greg: if I asked you to order a nexus from the play store and ship it somewhere in the states could you?

me: yeah. provided you fronted the cost beforehand. I don't have $350 to spare

Greg: i figured I would have to pay you before hand as I am a skeevy cantanadian

Ha. This is pretty cool.


Este es el nuevo logo de Microsoft. ¿Cómo le caería este estilo a otros logos? Para los que no han leído la noticia: Si, Microsoft cambia oficialmente de logo a tiempo para lanzar Windows 8. Se nota que alguien perdió su licencia de Photoshop y prefirió usar Paint para rediseñar el logo en vez de bajarse una copia pirata de internet.